Day one, week 23

So for twenty three weeks now I was going to get this started.  There have been many “day one’s” and yet somehow it took twenty three weeks of them to get this done.  Thus my “and so it begins”…as at last, it finally does!

So what is she talking about you wonder? I am twenty three weeks post-partum with bambino numero three.  Based on my experiences with the first two, I thought for sure that after birth there would be a few brutal sleep deprived weeks, and then sunny skies from there on in (so to speak). So not the way this all unfolded!

Allow me to back up.  Once upon a time in a far off land, I was a fitness competitor.  It feels like centuries ago. I can barely pull off a full set of push-ups without cheating these days. So after having delivered my third and FINAL child (you will see why I say this shortly), I thought to myself “this is it. Time to shrink the momma boobs! Tighten the puff and eliminate muffin top!”
It all started smoothly. I hadn’t gained much weight this pregnancy. I actually lost weight at the onset and didn’t gain it back.  It was a healthy pregnancy, I was just carrying excess from my prior pregnancies.  So I thought YES, THIS IS IT! It’s gunna happen.

I began creating my training program ( I was a personal trainer prior to my first pregnancy),  mapped out my eating plans…it was ready for launch.  Until, my newborn, my sweet sweet newborn, became a screaming demon for months on end. It was colic they say, “textbook”. Except the books lied. They said by twelve weeks this should all go away and life will become manageable again. By thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen weeks I was starting to feel like a basket case. My nerves were shot, I looked like shit and this child would look me in the face and then scream like I just ripped her legs off. Nothing I did could console her.

And so my big plan sat on a shelf and collected dust.  Slowly my weight started to creep back up as I ate anything I could while holding a screaming child.  After months I began inhaling entire rows of cookies while holding my screaming baby to console myself.  And now, for some unexplainable reason completely foreign to me, twenty three weeks after her arrival, she smiles.  She still screams, but only an hour or two at a time. I can handle that!! My facial ticks are diminishing, my nerves moderately calmer and my two older kids (5 and 4 yrs of age), are now willing to stay in the same room as the baby. Thank God, all Gods, I am so grateful for the silence!

My son is in JK, half days. Mornings specifically. This gives me 2 hours to feed the baby and do what I need to do for me. This is going to be my workout time. It started today, with a little Billy Blanks and his SOS DVD.  I sweat like a pig and couldn’t believe how unco-ordinated I have become. My daughter thought I was hilarious.  And I FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS!  Nothing has changed physically in my one work-out, but I feel like it should. And it will, all in due time.

This is my blog about my journey on route to re-claiming my fit self.  It will happen, one push up at a time!

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  1. I always enjoy reading your words Nicki, so I'm thrilled that you've started a blog! Yay! Best of luck to you on the journey ahead.

  2. You GO girl!!! I know it will be worth it!


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