The Big Plan

So here we are, day three in the big plan.  What is this plan you ask? Well, this time around as I am determined to reach my goal…it is mapped out, and specific.

Previously my attempts were sabatoged by pregnancies. That is not happening this time around! This time around the only thing that will prevent me from reaching my target is, well, me. Me and my screaming baby. She bloody well screamed all of our Thursday away. I can’t figure out what it is that is upsetting her, she’s fed, burped, changed, played with, carried around.  My efforts don’t seem to calm her. So while she screamed and screamed yesterday my workout didn’t unfold as planned. It was supposed to be a P90x day, however, instead, became a speed walk in our neighbourhood. She screamed in her stroller as we cruised the streets and I managed to squeeze in a good cardio session. Win win for Mum! Like I said, I’m determined, but definetly going to need a lot of flexibility and more healthy foods already prep’d in the fridge. Days like yesterday lead to my grabbing anything I can, regardless of nutritional intake, so I can stuff my face while holding el cranko.  AND what doesn’t help? Tostitos. I love Tostitos. And they make me feel good (um yes, I am an emotional eater ha ha) when she is screaming in my face.  SO my fabulous cardio session was essentially wiped out by a handful of Tostitos.  I had to chuck them to stop myself. I won’t/can’t buy more.

SO back to my specific game plan. I am following a method, the SMART method. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.  I specifically want to lose inches (will add my current measurements and goals to these blogs),  measurable – constantly, achievable -definitely, realistic – it’s going to take months vs days and/or weeks and time bound. I have goals in sixty day intervals. Specific hurdles I want to reach.

The first sixty days are going to be all about me getting into my groove. I am fairly brain dead these days due to lack of sleep and juggling the kids ( I am solo most of the time – hubby works six days/wk and i do not have any help with my monkeys). SO following videos and just walking/biking etc.  I can’t think so weight training solo – not going to happen. Just listening to Billy tell me he wants my heart and soul while I kick and punch – all good.  I am a little stronger than I expected to be at the onset, but attribute that to my insconsistant summer workouts. I couldn’t pull off anything consistantly while the kids were home full-time but did what I could when I could (TRX is a personal favorite -s o many varieties of workouts you can do). Feeling good about that, has me starting off on a positive 🙂

I’ve written on my calendar my time-lines, smeared sticky notes around reminding me of my goals, and, well, am spilling myself to you.  This is what it takes for me to get my ars in gear.

AND on that note, it’s time to walk back to the school to pick up my eldest.  And as my son lies here beside me trying to push buttons and singing LOUDLY in my ear, I think he is trying to tell me something ha ha.  Clearly he has had enough of my blogging today…so for now I bid thee adieu.  I will post the measurements either tonight or tomorrow and finish the detailed game plan.

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