The starting line.

I have this old beat up leather business card/note pad thing that has been sitting on my shelf for years. It holds within it my log, my measuring tape and my pen. It’s all my measurements over the years as I tracked myself working out. Before I begin each new regiment I measure myself. I don’t use scales. Weight isn’t an accurate way of tracking your progress. Muscle weighs more than fat and your number on the scale changes so often it can be discouraging. I go by inches.
Anyhow, I made a decision. I ripped out everything before today and chucked it.  I flipped through it and looked at some of my past measurements and remember how I felt when I hit certain targets over the years. And then, I pitched it.  I am not who I was then.  My body is definately what it was then.  Since then I have given birth to giant babies.  My smallest was 9lbs, my largest 9lbs 13 .5oz.  My hips have changed, and, SIGH, my boobs.

Everyone has that body part that they are not so fond of. For me, le boobs.  Motherhood has not been kind to them.  They grew so fast and so large some thought I had enhancement.  If I did have enhancement, they’d be sitting in an entirely different region of my chest right now! I joke that when I finally do deflate these puppies, they are not going to be pretty. Not that they are now, it’s just going to get a lot uglier. Ahh well, back to the main subject at hand here. The log.

Re; the bod… the goals.
First, reduce the chest. Current measurement is, in inches, 38.
Second, build muscle & power ( specifically, I want to be able to lift and push my own weight with ease – push ups, pull ups…)
Third: reduce the post-partum puff. I want a strong core, and not to look pregnant anymore. I do not want to see my six pack, but I do want a tight tummy with strong obliques and no muffin top. To get those abs there are sacrifices that must be made. And, well, now that I am a parent, there is no way I can give up my wine.  There are many a days that my hubby and I relax by the fire with a bottle of wine after a crazy day with the kids.  It’s worth never seeing my pack again.

For the first sixty days my goals are; to lose 2″ off my stomach, measured around the belly button (this is, for the most part, the post-partum puff as I call it. I would like to end my relationship with it.  It’s been almost six years now….I’m ready to let go), starting measurement is 34″, as well as, 1″ off the chest.

The balance of the measurements I track are;
Back 33″
Thigh 19″
Hips 37″
Bicep 10.5
Weight: not taken. NO scales in the house. Don’t intend to buy one…..

I will workout four times weekly. Mon and Tues, rest Wed, Thurs and Fri.  There may be days that this doesn’t work -but at least 4x / wk on weekdays. Weekends are out. I like playing with the kids. We stay active/busy but it’s our play time. And we like baking together. One treat a weekend and pigging out with my hubby in the evening – we have snack night. That is staying in the regiment as well. It’s just one of those things we like to do and it’s not going anywhere.  Tostito’s, hot peppers, salsa, cheese = awesomness.

Week one went pretty good. I am feeling positive about everything. I know I can do this. It’s just incredible how your body remembers things. That said, it’s also incredible how weak and unco-ordinated I am all these years later. I used to be able to do multiple sets of pull-ups (unassisted), now, I just hang from the bar sweating.  I used to be able to do one-legged push-ups and what not, now,  one or two push ups off the toe, the balance off the knees. Following cardio DVD’s I can’t seem to make my legs move as they should….But I will get my groove back and find my rythm.  At the very least my doing these DVD’s entertains my screamer. She laughs vs yells. Win win for Mum!

So now that week one is over, I’m looking forward to week two!

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