Monday Madness….

So here I am, in my two hour “break” as the other mum’s and I call it, and totally demotivated.  It’s been three days since I’ve slept and, well, the baby just had an ass explosion in her exersaucer. SOOOOO after an emergency bath and dismantling of the saucer for cleaning, I’m not really feeling a workout at the moment. I’ve got a cup of coffee, the baby monitor (and yes, she’s screaming in it again – but she’s fed, changed, burped, sung to, cuddled, played with and now watching her mobile in her crib – and yet, still she’s pissy) and my computer.  Thinking today may be the kind of day wherein if I can pull off a shower, I’m groovin…!

My hubby cracked a joke that he has not, in our six years of marriage, witnessed me do anything athletic. I was totally dumbfounded. What? I played on sports teams, rollerbladed, trained six days weekly, competed, bike rode…. but all without him. How crazy is that? And now, six years and three kids later, he seriously has never seen me do anything? What have I been doing all these years? Breeding! That’s what! And anytime I could find time to do anything, it was without him.  I still can’t believe it.  Being physical is such a big part of who I am…how did this happen?  And if he isn’t seeing it, are the kids? Will they want to be fit because we are? At this rate, nope.  How depressing. I don’t want to be one of those mom’s who has a photo album full of what she used to do vs still is doing. I want to be an example.

Once upon a time when I cracked a joke about my hubby not having ever worked out, he ran for forty five minutes on my treadmill. That was a few years ago, and was his one workout. So starting tonight, and as he is complaining of backaches (and I joked he has man boobs – which he doesn’t but was playfully talking about the bods we once had vs do today), he is motivated to start using my TRX system.  I am a huge fan of these workouts.  SO maybe I will just join him weekly (I should mention that he believes playing hockey once weekly keeps him in excellent shape – so TRX on mondays, hockey on thursdays and voila – he will be fit – according to him). We can do this together.  We’ll see what he thinks of my plan tonight, and what bambino thinks. Who am I kidding, she is really the one controlling my availability!! So maybe I need to go sweet talk her…if only she will allow me to interupt her screaming…

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