The Dumbass Effect

As we travel along this path together there are a few things you will notice about me….a few constants. There are many things that change or evolve over time, and many that…well….are just me.  I am completely an addictive/compulsive personality, and, I am very competitive. Even with myself. I am not a sore loser or anything like that, losing just makes me work harder.  It’s just, I do everything I can in advance of that moment not to lose.

So let’s rewind to earlier this week when I was a dumbass with my TRX.  I felt fantastic in that moment. I absolutely love any form of resistance training. Weight training was my personal favorite. There are so many moves using this thing that make it feel as it did when I was using weights.  And now, now I hurt in ways I haven’t hurt in a very long time.  My 15lb munchkin feels like five hundred tons and I have serious lactic acid burn like sensations while trying to hold her. I went way over board. My quads feel completely jacked, triceps cramped, ass – well……..sitting is unappealing. Sitting than rising, even less appealing.  I’m going to lie down in a minute. The kids are all asleep and my hubby is doing his weekly work-out at hockey.  He skipped the TRX….. and so to ensure he never uses my current condition as cause to bypass a workout, I acted as though nothing was wrong all day. I’m so f’ng tired right now…
On a shallow note. I saw this jacket I really would love to sport this winter. It has a belt. I loathe belts at the moment. When you have giant mom boobs, you don’t wear anything with a belt.  The boobs look like torpedos.  I have my shallow side, it involves this jacket….with a belt.

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