I’m staring at the title line trying to think of what to label this one.  “le pooped” crossed my mind…we’ll see. Something will come to me as I write this.

There are 46 days left of the first stage of this plan. 60 day plan, 46 to go.  I could create a whole story here about how great this is going, or I can just say…..I’m exhausted.  I’m so tired. I know, working out will give me energy etc. etc. blah blah. I’ve said it all before to other people who paid me.  Now, now I’m that person sitting on the bench saying “later”.  It’s like I have two personalities right now. One that lives in this fantasy land of energy, and then the other, which is 900 years old with a 6 month old, a 4yr old and a 5 yr old who thinks she is 13, is running on 3-5 hours sleep daily.  When I lay down on the floor to get into position to do a push up, the one personality says YAY LET”S GO, the other is still lying on the floor controlling my body.  I am trying. Walks are good.  I feel pumped after a good brisk walk. But that is really all I can handle some days, most days these days.   When I do more, I’m so achey. My diet is good, it’s the lack of sleep. I’m not recovering well.

My hubby is working from 8am – 10 ishy in the pm weekdays, as well as, Saturdays. Ask me how  much I’m loving that right now.  He is self employed.  Need I say more?

It was the Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend. The weather was unbelievable. Honestly, miraculous.  The air was so clean and crisp. Sitting in T-shirts and shorts in October – unreal.  My gardens are still blooming. It’s amazing. It was still the traditional pig-out fest, just add extra cocktails in the afternoon sun and that pretty much sums up what we did. It was fantastic. I enjoyed every moment consuming thousands and thousands of calories. 

I saw this earlier today.  Made me chuckle. 

Anyhow, the mission continues. 46 days to go.  My little ones have just both co-operated and are taking a nap. I’m going to sneak one in too. 

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