Another week bites the dust…

One of my aunts recently said something to the effect of someone admiring the role of a stay-at-home-mom and the freedom they have all day, everyday.  What they didn’t realize is this luxury comes in 7 minute increments.  So true! You think I would have re-strategized by now.  Hmmm. Food for thought ha ha ha.   I’ve been so distracted I haven’t had time to really think about anything.  Writing this blog allows me that moment to focus on myself.  ME time, so sacred.  And it’s hockey night.  I have a glass of wine sitting on my computer table. The kids are all asleep. Aside from the hack coming from my son’s room, it’s quiet in the house.  I love these moments.  I have Etta James playing.  Love, love, loving this moment. I could drop and do twenty…or just sit here and relish in this moment. You see what I’ve chosen….

SO how did this week go?  One totally awesome day.  Then, six totally stressful, exhausting, non-work out days. My four year old has pneumonia.  My six month old is cutting her first tooth. My five year old had her first fight at school.  I drank a lot of wine.  My elasticized track pants don’t make me feel badly about myself. Tis why I am avoiding my jeans.

I’m due for my measurements, yesterday.  I will complete them and post them tomorrow. 

I knew this was going to be difficult, but it can be done.  I am so envious of those moms who have support networks. Mom’s that come and take the kids ( my mom is special and would require a totally separate blog to discuss. Love her. We yap daily and enjoy each other.  She is one of my favorite people. But anyone out there who has a disabled brother/sister knows what that does to your mom. It makes her completely ex centric and focused on one thing and one thing only.  She means well, but just cannot be there the way even she wishes she could be.  Mum in law works).  Ahh well, life is what it is. So it all boils down to juggling what you’ve got and finding a way to make it work.

That’s the other thing about having a disabled sibling.  You learn that there is no “can’t”, unless you really, really can’t. It’s “won’t” . I won’t let myself down, I know I can do it.   Every time I visit mum and B (my sister),  I return home with a new sense of drive.  If you’ve been given the ability to do anything, do something.  You were given these abilities for a reason…..

I could go on and on, or, I can log off and finish this glass of wine on the couch with my new book. The Forgotten Garden.  Any minute now anyone could wake up and end this tranquility….I must maximize on this moment.
Be well!

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