9 days to go….

So how does one begin this time. Phase One is not going as planned, let’s just start with that.

I woke up this morning with a caloric hangover. Seriously h u n g over. I attacked my kids Hallowe’en bowl last night.  Not just a little. There were wrappers and chip bags strewn all over the coffee table when my hubby returned from hockey. I had passed out.  I’m not painting a pretty picture of myself right now am I ha ha ha.

Yesterday was the cremation of my 44 yr old uncle who passed from cancer this week.  We grew up together and grew to be friends, not just family.  So yesterday seriously sucked.  I ate in between sob fests. 
Today, not feeling so hot! 

The kids are off school today for a PD day. This is a good thing.  Not always, but today it is.  They give great hugs, and, yell at you when you touch their candy bowl. 

I’m not measuring anything or doing anything until Monday. New week + kids back in school = fresh start.

This loss is also a great motivator.  My uncle was fit.  He worked out regularly and he ate really well.  Here’s what I’ve learned through his battle;

1.There is a huge difference between organic and non-organic foods.  We ate identical diets. The days consisted of many salads, lean proteins, fruits and veggies.  One key take away was the need to change my families foods to organic as we consume all of the “dirty dozen” foods, as well as, hormone~probiotic~grain GMO fed meats.  We were ingesting a huge amount of pesticides/poisons.  There are many other factors that contribute to illness, but if I could prevent something for them, I will. Last night as I was sobbing over the candy bowl inhaling out of control volumes of tiny chocolate bars and regular Lays chips I realized, my kids aren’t really eating this.    There was way too many candies left for this time of year.  I don’t remember mine lasting long, I ate piles of it in a sitting. Hmmm, seems I haven’t grown up much in that respect.  My kids don’t crave it like I do.  They will ask for a banana with granola sprinkled on it before candy.  I think I’ve been keeping all these goodies around for me!   If I don’t stop eating them my ass is going to explode into much larger jeans! I have to throw them out….
2. Get as much oxygen as you can.  Exercise.  Use what you were given and keep it alive.
3. Speak your mind. Share your emotions. Allow yourself to really feel all that life has to offer.  When you ignore things or fail to deal with things your body will react. 

I am actually really looking forward to Monday.

For now, I’m going to enjoy a date night with my hubby tonight ( I will likely inhale a  days worth of calories in vino alone hee hee hee, it’s our first date night in well over a year! ), a weekend of playing with my kids and cooking the weekly meals on Sunday.  I bought a new food processor.  We may have twenty styles of salad this week just so I can use it more!

I have lost this month.  I’m down a pant size, which blew me away considering all that has happened.  The boobs, nada. AnNoYiNg.  The mission continues….

Be well.

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