Phase Two begins….Phase One results.

Although I am pleased there are results to post, I feel like Phase One was a bit of a let down.  So much happened in 60 days.  My uncle/friend died,  my son had pneumonia, my seven month old suddenly decided to stop sleeping at night… I’m exhausted.  That said, I am also very motivated for this next chapter.

First and foremost,  the results:

My current measurements, as of yesterday:  at bellybutton, 34″ – unchanged, at boobs 38″ – unchanged (damn’t!), back 32″ – down an inch, thigh 19.5 – up a half inch – I take pride in this…I am gaining muscle again. My legs are becoming shaply vs pipecleaners, hips 36.5 – down half an inch, bicep 11 – again, totally proud of the mini muscle starting to show!

This rounds goals:  tighten le tummy, shrink the boobies and regain shape/muscle in arms and legs.  We have our first family vacation coming up in January. I would actually like to wear a non-tent-like bathing suit.  I can do this, six weeks.  Of course, it is the most brutal time of year to diet BUT the reward is worth the sacrifices. 

The new year will bring about a whole new series of things to focus on. Hiring a caretaker for my kids, recertifying myself as a personal trainer and re-establishing myself as a facilitator in my workplace. A year away from work is huge. It is so amazing to be home and to spend time with the kids, but the time away is a huge barrier to overcome upon your return. Someone else has totally benefitted from your absence in that they filled your shoes.  They may have really shone ( I’ve been replaced a few times over now, the ego has already been bruised).  The flip side is, it is an opportunity to recreate yourself. To be who you want to be and to chase what you want with renewed enthusiasm.  I am on a serious mission upon my return. I have very specific, mapped out goals targetting the next 5 years.  It will take an enormous amount of effort to get to where I want to be,  but it’s worth it.

I am on the brink of creating the life I ultimately want to lead with my husband and children.  As is he. 

One step at a time.

This next step, moi.  Reclaiming and reconnecting with myself.  This phase will consist of resistance training almost exclusively. Yes, cardio is a good thing, but I am tight for time. Calorically, physically, my results will come if I kick my own ass in resistance training. I am tired, very tired and so I am sticking with following pre-set routines. This time around, P90x and TRX training only.  3-4 x’s weekly.

My diet is changing this time around.  All breads, pasta’s, rice… cutt off after fourth meal ( I eat 6 mini meals a day – starting at approx 7:45 am and every 2/5-3 hrs following.  On all days except Saturday and Sunday evenings (those are sacred snack nights with the hubby ha ha).  The last two meals of the day will be variances of a lean protein and greens.  I have started to get into making my own salad dressings from sunflower seeds/oils, fresh spices and oil/vinegrettes… it is helping to stay on track. Variety is essential! That and I don’t want to send the wrong message to my kids. We eat the same foods. I have to ensure they are getting what they need while I am trying to scale back.  I believe firmly in us all eating at the same time, the same foods. 

I do not count calories. I go by how I feel.  If I eat balanced meals throughout the day, I’m fine. If I don’t, I will binge afterwards.  I have found a balance that works for me and have learned to understand my bodies needs effectively. If I am totally starving, I’ve strayed from the path.  In that case, I have to bust out the cake plate vs dinner plate to ensure portion control.  And yes, I’ve learned to pile food pretty high on those small plates at times.  I am my own worst enemy in the food game. I love it. So ensuring consistant meals, consistant regulated servings all day long keep me from pulling into any fast food joint to buy everything they have, that minute.

Well, my time is up for today’s blog. The oven timer is about to go off and I have several meals coming out all at once. Multi tasking, multi meal making day. Need to ensure the fridge is stocked with what we need so momma stays on target.  Roasted root veggies, a lasagna and banana loafs are coming out. Beef stew and a bean soup have already begun to cool off.  Smells kind of funky with so many things cooking at once ha ha ha BUT it is worth it.  Once less thing I have to do tomorrow, one more minute I can spend working out.

Be well.
Mad luv,

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