I can hear this little voice inside my head telling me to get moving already.  For every minute I sit idle, someone else somewhere else is working harder than I am at achieving the same goal.  So I’ve been really pushing myself…and I honestly feel fantastic. 

It’s been brutal though, the everyday workout.  That’s the thing with P90x – you really do have to train as laid out for maximum results.  The TRX system I LOVE…but the co-ordinating b/w the two workouts is more than I have time for right now. I really, really need to just do as I am told. I am so distracted and so tired.

My workouts themselves are full of moments wherein my kids are vying for my attention.  If I can train first thing after dropping kids at school, I do. However, I’ve had to utilise that time to accomplish Christmas shopping. Secret missions!

SO I’m stuck working out usually just after lunch time. Brutal. My son is home in addition to my seven month old.  Yesterday my son really would have preferred if I watched him transform his transformers the entire workout while Rachel kept rolling herself across the room to get onto my mat.  I was constantly moving her back to her area ( the jumper proved more of an issue and she screamed in the playpen, this was third option).  She had alternate ideas as to how we were going to spend our time. I still managed to pull it off, just thinking Tony didn’t envision these scenarios of his audience ha ha.  Rachel began screaming at me with about twenty minutes remaining in the workout. As I was exercising I was singing Mary had a little lamb while acknowledging my sons transformation of transformers.  It was just as tiring as the workout.  I almost made it – had 10 minutes to go and had to stop it to pick her up.  It’s ok though.  I’ve decided to start applauding myself for what I could pull off vs focusing on what was still remaining to complete. I can only do what I can do, I just have to push myself in the time that I do have to get the most from it. 

I will get it done.

So now I have joined the P90x on line community for support, set myself up for success diet wise at home and begun recording my workouts/eating so as to track my success towards my goal.  This blog is also a big piece of my dedication. 

This pic I have attached is from 7 years ago.  It was taken this time of year.This shows my frame and so when I post my “before” shots from tonight, you will see exactly how much I have to lose. It’s all in the boobs and the belly…the momma belly. I can’t wait until it’s gone!!!

Well my daughter is now bored with her exersaucer, my moment is over.
Until tomorrow!

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