Some days good, some days…..yeeeesh.

I never would have imagined how much I am enjoying Yoga these days.  I love the way I feel during and after the workout.  It always seemed incredibly boring to me, slow…boring…so not my thing. I was really looking forward to today’s workout.

One huge drawback to P90x is the duration of the workouts. You can do shorter more intense workouts and get amazing results, but I do enjoy this program. Today’s workout is 92 minutes. It’s bloody well impossible to pull it all off without interuptions.

Today was BRUTAL. I feel like more of a fire breathing dragon right now vs a calm yogi as I should. My son was relentless and there was no pleasing my daughter. To further annoy me, she is totally content as I type this right now in the very thing she was in then, however, screaming at that time.  Her jolly jumper.  I tried everything today. Play pen, mat, jolly jumper, exersaucer, floor play, chair time… she just refused to co-operate.  She was fed, clean, just wanted mom. And Mom just wanted a workout! I managed 45 minutes. Not bad, but four thousand interuptions later there was a serious lack of flow.

I guess there’s always tomorrow, but was so looking forward to today.

Trying to applaud what I did pull off but wishing it was more.

I took the photo’s. I will post them later on today once I find where my son hid the cord.  He thinks he’s cute, he didn’t notice mom has mutated into a fire breathing dragon yet…

At least tonight there will be wine with my hubby by the fire. I know, so not what someone who is looking to lean out should be doing…but life needs to be lived with balance…and wine. Lots and lots of it.


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