The beginning…and it’s not pretty!

Well, here it is. The moment. The “before” moment.

I’ve been staring at these pics….for a couple of reasons. Sometimes it’s hard to believe this is actually you, which I cannot believe it’s actually me. And secondly, aside from the boobs and belly,  I am not off to a bad start! It’s all prego related. As much as I am not liking what I see, I love why it happened. It was all worth it.  It’s going to be worth getting rid of it, but the “why” factor, worth every moment.

This is me, 3 and a half pregnancies under my belt ( ze momma gutty belt naturally ha ha)…. 7.5 months post partum…. at the very beginning of my P90x adventures.

I do feel fantastic AND I am enjoying this so much I am eating well.  I watched my family inhale swiss chalet french fries last night (treat night)…but not moi. I managed to make it through without spazing or suddenly lunging across the table to snort them before they could eat them.  I’m going to make it to this finish line with the results I want…I want it that bad.

i can’t wait for this to be a thing of the past

Today my eldest is home in addition to my younger two monkeys. The upside, she and Ryan play and Rachel is thrilled to watch them. I can work out with a little less interruptions. Awesomeness!! Must boogie to get the kids to their swimming lessons…but when we return, workout time!

Make it a great day!
Cheers, and thanks for reading. 

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