Shape shifting bust…

Last night I was so pumped to be able to escape the chaos that is my house on a Saturday evening and attend a family wedding (hubby’s side). This was a black tie affair and the kiddos were staying home with my parents.

We both bought new outfits and couldn’t wait to get out.

I found myself actually a little shy to be putting on control top panty hose in front of my husband. We were in rush mode aka our normal.  My folks showed up late, my husband worked late and I had to bolt out to pick up my eldest from her friends bday party.  It was 5pm.  Antipasto starts at 5:30.  I hadn’t showered yet and my husband wasn’t even home.  Fast forward to after a fast shower, quick hair blow dry and racing to get dressed at 6pm. 

I tried on several dresses for this event. I felt like I was in a moo moo in all of them.  It’s the boobs, they shoot the dress out five feet from my frame just trying to get around them.  So not flattering. So I went a different route, I bought a suit. A killer Marciano black totally gorgeous power suit.  Madden killer heels finished the outfit.  The blouse was fitted. My boobs are humongous, they def. looked humongous. NO hiding them. I wanted to wear a shape shifting aka spanx top for the not-yet-toned tummy.  I bought it, the rep picked the size for me after having sized me for a bra. She knew….she knew and yet she sold me a shape shifter that wouldn’t go over my boobs.  I was totally stuck in it. My husband had to help me out! What do you do with that? Nothing. Laugh at yourself and put the blouse on. It just means perfect posture is required at all times or the rolls are busting out! That and no matter how hot it gets I am not taking off the jacket.  It hides much and looks awesome. 

I’m not getting any deeper with age.

In the end this was a huge motivator to behave all night (WINE EXCLUDED).  I have completed my first full week of P90x. I’m going to go the distance.  I didn’t eat the creamy soup or the cheese laden pasta. I did eat (inhale and practically lick the plate of) the filet Mignon w/ asparagus and stuffed mushroom, as well as, the green salad with apple and parm. cheese.  I didn’t eat desserts ( one bite size choc. chip cookie) from the huge dessert table.  I behaved.  I am going to do this!

I’m lucky to have a hubby that puts up with me during all of this…and who will remove the stuck spanx for me and not say a word. Bless him.

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