P90x pain…bringin it.

I cannot believe how many muscles I clearly haven’t been using over the past few years.  I’m in (now completed) week 2 of the P90x program.  I am so so sore.

I like it.

I feel very alive this week. I am very aware of myself, mostly due to incredible muscle fatigue and tenderness but it’s worth it. The end result is worth it.  My eating is going well, my workouts have been amazing.  It’s been wonderful. 

Today I was not able to workout, but am ok with it.  Today was my daughter’s 6th bday.  It was a crazy busy day but totally worth it. I just behaved diet wise. I have a plate of cupcakes about thirty feet away and I have yet to attack it.  It isn’t worth it. I’m working way too hard. 

Don’t get me wrong though,  my halo is somewhat tarnished by the giant glass of red wine that accompanies me at the computer desk at the moment.  I do so love my wine. I will sacrifice cupcakes and other seasonal temptations simply to make way for the caloric overdose from vino. 

I’m heading to bed now in hopes of a few uninterupted hours of sleep.  I’m also hoping for a full yoga workout in the morining. Fingers crossed…..


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