A teenie tiny bit worn out….

Ok more like seriously worn out.

I fell asleep today sitting upright in a chair.  My big plan was to finish folding the laundry, workout and run errands. I folded laundry, sat for a second before I planned on putting it away. What felt like one milli second later I awoke to my daughter’s voice in the baby monitor. She had awoken from her nap, and clearly so had I!

No workout today. I was and am bummed.  I am running on close to empty.  I have to listen to my body if I want this to work…. maybe next time I will listen vs have it just shut down on me.

That said, I’m still exhausted. I’m going to lie in bed and watch the Terra Nova finale and pass out with my hubby. Once upon a time we were wilder, but now, this is wild!


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