An update!

Yeesh, I’ve been slacking!  My family is on vacation together at the moment. This happens only twice per year as my hubby shuts down shop for the holidays and once in the summer.  To say the last week has been awesome would be an understatement. I’m really enjoying our time together.

I’ve been behaving in contrast to what the holidays should encompass.  I haven’t OD’d on anything or dove too deeply off the deep end when opportunities present them self. I did have a kick ass dirty burger with fries yesterday during lunch with a favourite friend of mine, and, several billion glasses of wine over the past week.  But otherwise, not bad! I’m so impressed with myself!

Workout wise, not so good.  I’ve been sleeping. Which I desperately need.  So inconsistent would best describe my workouts. I”m ok with this though, I’m exhausted and I am seeing results. The workout layoff ends in the morning  however, I feel really good today.

I’m due for my pics this Friday, no problem! I know I have lost more in my back and look forward to when I can say the same is happening in the belly and boobs.  One push up at a time, IT WILL HAPPEN!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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