First and Foremost – the thirty day measurements….let’s just get right down to it!

@ bellybutton: 34″                   back 31″ – 1 ”             Thigh 20 + 1/2″
chest 38 (dammit!)                    hips 36″  – 1/2″            bicep 11″

I feel really good about what I did manage to accomplish this past month.  I can’t believe honestly I was able to pull off the workouts.  It has been said many times if you want something badly enough you will make time for it. I want this, it is going to happen.

So much so my husband now thinks I am insane! We are off on our first family vacation this Sunday. Four sleeps as the kids announced this morning.  We are off to Orlando Florida and are Disney bound.  We found a great package and are so excited to stay in a cabin in the Wilderness lodge in the park itself.  One HUGE bonus, the kitchen.  I researched options in the area and….I’m totally high fiving myself on this one….have Whole foods delivering a fresh batch of organic produce and meats the day we arrive to our lodge. We have a kitchen and BBQ in our cabin.  SO AWESOME. I can still eat clean while we  play! Yes, we have the dining plan and yes, there will be pig out sessions and my usual mass amount of wine and now beer consumed BUT I won’t go overboard. I’m preparing for this and making sure I can still stay on track with my ultimate goal.  I will be the lean me I want to be, it’s going to take extra push ups upon my return, however, my skipping rope will be packed along with my clothes! 

I’m looking forward to updating this blog upon our return.


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