Back to reality…….

Well, it’s over. Vacation that is.  It was amazing, and exhausting, but amazing.   It was awesome to see how excited the kids were meeting the various characters and to just soak up the sun (it was warm the first few days, so so for a few days and bloody freezing on our last day).  If you have never been and are considering, I would recommend it.  It really is a great place for a family to go and play together.  I really, really enjoyed my time with my hubby and kiddos.  It was wonderful.

Disney world is magical for kids, huge amounts of work and planning for parents. I had been told there were many ways to eat cleanly while there, however, what they call healthy options is definitely not the healthiest of options. It will be a long time before I can eat another burger that’s for sure!

I was so disappointed in the options.  I ate some great food, but it wasn’t healthy food.  Smashed potatoes with unbelievable volumes of salt,  burgers ( didn’t do fries, started to feel ill from the food as it was all so salty and oily or butter covered).  I would get so excited when veggies came with anything only to discover they too were covered in salt, butter, creamy sauces.  It makes you feel gross after a while, or at least it did me.

We stayed in a cabin at the Fort Wilderness area in Disney world itself. We ate cleanly in our cabin. We had ordered groceries from and I found myself looking forward to the meals we prepared for ourselves. We had opted to purchase their meal plan so there was no way we were wasting any part of it, it was expensive! But what people ate…oh my.  If this is what people think is healthy, our future is not looking well.  Hot dogs covered in chili with sour cream was probably one of the grossest things I saw being eaten.  Very large children sitting and inhaling them with giant sodas beside them. I think I know where the creators of Wall-e got their inspiration for the future of mankind……….!!! It was scary.  I also couldn’t believe how many larger sized young people were using scooters.  Why?? Why do we allow this? How will they ever lose the excess weight or be well if they aren’t even walking?  

It made me want this that much more, not just for me, but for my children.  It scares me to think that so much misinformation is out there that people have totally lost touch with what good health is.  I don’t blame people, I think people really don’t know better.  Even the way Disney markets their GMO food and fish to children during their tour is really scary to me.  And that they serve it in their restaurants without notifying you that you are eating a hybrid fish or GMO veggie is wrong in my opinion.  I love their technologies and attempts to maximise crops in all climate conditions, as well as their attempt to grow and provide for themselves,  but am in disbelief that this is being preached to children in a Disney sort of way that makes them believe this is the best route our society can take for the future.  It isn’t right….at least that is my opinion. I would never serve that to my children in our home. I hope for all of society regardless of were you find yourself in terms of geography that GMO products are labelled so people can make educated decisions. 

I did manage to lose more weight last week even with the intake of junk.  I had to use portion control with the fast food style meals and to help myself not to get too ravenous I travelled with apples and nut/seed bars as my snacks.  My kids were also given healthy snacks from the groceries we acquired and we would use our “snack” options for water.  There is a way if you want it badly enough to be smart with choices and blend the good with the bad, I wanted it.  Besides, I really, really, really wanted to intake any extra calories in the form of beer. It is vacation after all and Disney requires beer.  I was so disappointed to discover the Magic Kingdom is a “dry” park! OMG after surviving the day with three children I deserved beer/wine anything alcoholic at dinner!!!

We flew in late last night so today is my down day.  Tomorrow, back in action.  I have grocery shopped already and am excited to really shred out now.  It’s go time! I return to work in just under three months. It’s now or never, so now it is! 

During this phase I am eliminating all things made with flour.  One as I still feel gross from all the binging while away and two as I am eager to get my results.

SO stay tuned, the new and improved physical me is just a few weeks away. I am so excited I can’t wait.  I just have to survive my beer and wine with drawl for the next few weeks. I will have a glass or two of wine in the evenings, but not the volumes I really want ha ha ha.  I can do it, I know I can.

I will increase my logs from this point and share more of the diet and what not.  I am a momma on a mission to metamorph into one fit chick. Stay tuned as they say, there is much to see in the weeks to come.

Be well.
Mad luv,

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