January 18, twenty twelve

It feels good to be back in action so to speak.  I sweat like a pig in my workouts yesterday and today.  De-toxing I suppose ha ha.  It was a good sweat. I know I am working hard and it’s nothing a HOT shower can’t cure afterwards. I do so love that post workout shower.  The best thing I ever did was switch to tank less hot water heaters….it never runs out!!!

I have to admit that like a child the second I know I can’t have something, it’s all I want. I actually dreamed about pasta last night. How ridiculous is that??? It’s only day two of the no flour deal…..it may be a long month ha ha ha.  Worth it yes BUT mucho de difficult. I will survive…and when I hit my target goal, it will have been worth it.

how beautiful does that look? one of my personal fav’s and hideous for the waistline….

I am not suffering food wise.  I made a huge batch of one of my favourite soups ( nine bean soup w/ lentils, spicy salsa and corn.  Yum).  I also made a large veggie stir fry in which I add either nuts or chicken ( chicken gets boring quickly…. after years of eating only chicken while competing I have to force myself to eat it – I have fallen out of love with it regardless of what spices etc. I use).  AND last but not least, salads with either chicken or seeds added.  I enjoy them so that is not tedious in terms of complying with the game plan.  I eat my highest caloric meals earlier in the day. I follow the “eat like a king at breakfast (both breakfasts), a queen at lunch (both lunches), and a peasant at dinner (both dinners – six meals / day).  I tailor off on the calories as the day progresses. Why? It is harder to burn those calories as the day progresses. I am most active in the mornings and early afternoon. By the evening my children have worn me down and all I want to do is plop myself on the couch and be brain dead in front of the TV or a good book.  Kind of sucks for my hubby ha ha, but it’s all I can manage these days. He’s not much better. We seem to be more worn down post vacation than prior!!

Well, the babes is cranking and my son is acting like a delirious monkey right now. My eldest is in deep protest I am forcing her to do her homework before she has any freedom. A typical evening you could say…and just one more reason for mom to crack the vino tonight.  Thank God for wine….all gods.  It keeps me sane!!

Until next time,
be well.
Mad luv,

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