One step forward, one huge kink in the plan. My daughter is refusing to sleep longer than two hours at a time. She has three teeth coming in. Lord help me.

Sleep is so crucial to success. I am dying a thousand exhausting deaths right now.

So…what to do.  Work through it.  I just have to watch myself. When I am tired I eat. Anything. Everything. Anything LOL.  Instead of eating every 2.5 to 3 hours, I’m eating about every 1.5 – 2 today.  SOOO portion control, food control ( meaning clean foods), lots and lots of water and taking it easy. Yes, I am still going to work out BUT not the P90x today. I am so tired and achy from the last workouts that I just cannot do it today. So instead I am going to do Yoga this afternoon (not the P90x yoga – is too lengthy for me today). It’s still intense, but relaxing all at once. I can’t wait.  I’m holding out on the Jolly Jumper until workout time so my monkey doesn’t get bored and interfere. That or maybe, possibly, hopefully with intense begging she will sleep…for at least 40 minutes which is the duration of the workout ha ha!

I am seeing results which is keeping me really motivated.  It’s getting closer, the goal that is.  I can see myself as I want to be and am so hungry for that result. One day closer……!

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