Monday January 22,2012

In this moment, I feel totally awesome! I completed today’s workout, the babes complied (well sort of… at first she took every opportunity to crawl over to me and on my while planking etc as she was trying to get mum’s attention. once again, saved by the jolly jumper!) and my son was content with his Lego. They are all in the room with me while I workout. It’s the only way I can get it in so tis the way we do the do around here.

My daughter jumping along with me while I was kicking along with P90x cardio

I am feeling good about things these days.  I have stopped beating myself up on days where in I have to change things up and instead pat myself on the back for every effort I make. This weekend, as an example, I could not pull off any of the P90 programs due to the duration of them. Instead, I pulled out some of my 30 minute yoga DVD’s and completed those. I felt fantastic for having done something and as my family was around, felt like I was a good role model for them.  It’s what is really driving me these days – my kids.  My daughter is so aware of body image that by never talking about calories or fat or whatever but just rather doing the do, I’m teaching her more than my words could convey. Or so I hope anyway. I am also realising that my lessons to her in life are quickly diminished if any friend says anything otherwise. Amazing the influence kids have on one another. BUT in my perfect little world inside my head, I’m on the right path.

I am seeing results. I will measure myself as soon as I find my measuring tape. My daughter took off with it and it seems to be lost in space at the moment. I will pick up another if I don’t recover it soon as I’m dying to know where I am at. 

One incredibly annoying discovery – only one boob is shrinking. WHAT IS THAT? I am way too old to stuff my bra and it is becoming noticeable. It’s at least two sizes smaller. So annoying.  SO annoying!!! Not sure what to do about that except keep working. Clearly mother nature isn’t appreciating my need for symmetry ha ha ha.

Re; food – I am so proud of myself. I’ve cleared out all our cupboards and there is no junk in the house.  Not even my beloved pasta. It has been replaced by Quinoa pasta and rice noodles for the kiddos. They didn’t even notice. I have also brought quinoa into our stir fry dinners vs. rice. So far, so good. The kids aren’t complaining (except for my son re; quinoa vs rice. He declared it disgusting without ever having tried it – he did however eat the quinoa pasta without issue – win win for mom!)

The mornings are oatmeal, a soup follows (bean soups), lunches are chicken w/ veggies or quinoa with veggie stir fry as second lunch, dinners are greens w/ sprouts (garlic and bean sprouts usually) and a protein such as chicken or nuts or beef. I am a beef eater. I know, I know, not the usual route but I’m so chickened out and turkey – except once in a blue moon – grosses me out. I don’t do fish without mounds of batter – so clearly it’s out too. I have issues I admit BUT there’s always a way around that!! I feel good..really good.  I also managed to sleep a lot this weekend (my poor hubby! I fell asleep at 9pm one night! Wild Saturday ha ha ha).  I am so lucky to have his support, even when at the expense of our time.  He’s fantastic.

And on that note, it’s time to boogie. I want to make my awesome hubby a stew for dinner. Time to get cooking! In just over two months it’s back to work for me. I want to take advantage of this and be sweet when I can 🙂

Until next time,
be well.
Mad luv,

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