Cardio X !

I wasn’t exactly sure where the energy was going to come from after a few rough nights but I did it! I am finally able to do most of the workout without falling over, including the chair kicks. They have been my mission in this program, I’ve been determined to all of them without kicking the chair over. I didn’t kick it over today (but I did knick it on the last two ha ha – next time – no touching!!!).

I feel awesome.  It’s working. My fat rolls aren’t getting in the way of some of the yoga poses now (the boobs are still an issue in runner’s pose but I’m working on it!!!)  and I’m able to do more than I could a month ago.  I’m starting to feel like a strong woman again. I missed that feeling.

I must be rubbing off on my  husband. The unthinkable happened. He has configured a workout program for himself. Sure, sure it hasn’t started yet BUT the mere planning – HUGE PROGRESS! And he stopped complaining there is no junk in the house. I think he’s getting used to this new normal in our house…there’s no looking back!

I must boogie. There’s always something in the mix around here and today it’s the ear ache plaguing my eldest. I feel like I have frequent flyer points that should be awarded at the pediatricians office these days…or at least should be given a discount on parking!

Wishing you a wonderful day,

Nic 🙂

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