A day of rest…..um no….mom’s don’t rest!

Yesterday was my “rest day” as in not working out. One would think with that extra hour things could be “restful”, but no, so not the case!

There are mounds of laundry pouring over the sides of the hampers in everyone’s room. There is a giant pile of cleaned laundry waiting to be folded, and meals that have been waiting to be made. I did manage to get it all done. OK not all of it, there are still many many loads of laundry calling out to me waiting / begging to be tackled but let’s not get crazy. Momma still needs to work out! I used to do laundry before working out, which meant I didn’t work out. The clothes can wait, my baby left-overs aren’t going to disappear without something being sacrificed.

There is something though, this feeling of accomplishment, when all the food is made. I like to prep my daytime meals in advance ( I make dinner with the kids so we can talk about our day and get them interested in eating) .  It also prevents me from inhaling anything and everything I can find just to satisfy my hunger.

I’m chickened out these days so aside from dinners with the family, it’s out.  I’m using alternatives.  My choice may not be popular with the people I am co-habitating with BUT it works for me! I’m eating a lot of beans and lentils right now…you see why I am not very popular 🙂


Left: 9 bean & lentil soup w/ corn, hot banana pepers and salsa, Right:Spicy black beans w/ quinoa, jalapeno peppers and salsa

I feel great!

I am now  fueled and ready to tackle today’s workout. I’m looking forward to some P90x Yoga today…..fingers crossed the kiddos co-operate and I get to squeeze in all 90 minutes. I would really love to find what they describe as “inner peace”.

What are some of your favorite lean veggie dishes?

Wishing you a wonderful day,


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