Momma’s got her groove back…

Ahhh Monday’s.  Sure, it’s hectic in the mornings spazing all over the kids to get dressed, eat faster, brush their hair and all those other glamorous Mom nagging moments but by 8:46am…it’s pretty peaceful!

Once up on a time I used to think my life with my one daughter was challenging. Now, one child = cake walk! NOOOO problemo. My shoulders relax,  the sweet sound of nothing fills my house and my first cup of coffee is a little piece of heaven on earth. 

This bliss lasts until 11, at which time we depart to pick up my son from his Junior Kindergarten class.  The full time program has not begun in our area.

My new plan of action rolls out today (insert drum roll here).  

My food is already prepared. Part of ensuring my personal success is to have all my meals prepared. I mass produce food twice weekly. Sundays, as well as, Wednesdays. Soups, salads, stews…whatever it may be it is ready to go so I don’t fall off the wagon.

In order to stay at my best physically, I’ve decided to reduce the volume of workouts and really focus on the intensity of the workouts. My goal is to lose belly blub, so resistance training is the key. I am discontinuing my cardio and sticking to resistance training. This style of training will generate the results I want and ensure I burn the fat, not just calories.  I am going to use the P90x programs, but for legs/back/chest/shoulders and arms. It’s go time, I’ve only got about a month until I return to the office and Momma intends to return fit! 

I can see the results now. I’ve lost my back blub and my arms are starting to show definition. My belly is hanging on for dear life fearing it’s total elimination but clearly it’s met it’s match. I’m not stopping until ever last inch of it is worked off.

It’s the boobs that are starting to scare me. Yes, they will shrink…but my God they are going to be hideous!!! I feel like I am starting to look like something out of a National Geographic magazine wherein you see the elderly tribal lady with no bra on.  The second I take off mine, blam….”rocks n’ socks” as my hubby would tease. So forking unattractive.  I’m going to need to invest in very attractive bras, and never take them off. Ever. Never ever ever. If you have ever had ginormous boobs and shrunk them you know what I’m talking about!!!!!! It’s still better than being an “H” cup, but incredibly unattractive when allowed to run free.

A miracle happened last week. My husband exercised.  I was so shocked, very supportive, but also very surprised!!! He intends to return this week to do it again (he is swimming in the evenings).  The tides have shifted in the Inglis household, miracles are unfolding. He is exercising (ok so once a week but it’s a start!) and momma is getting closer and closer to her goal.  

Big things happen when the first step is taken, the good news is, everyone is in motion.

What are some of your tricks to staying on track food wise?

Wishing you a wonderful day,



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  1. Good for you!
    For me, it’s not buying the bad food in the first place. The other night I wanted something salty but didn’t have it in the house. Our daughter was asleep and I couldn’t leave her alone to go get me a bag of chips! So I went without and got over it.


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