P90x Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

I squeezed it out, in it’s entirety.  After a chaotic morning with a very cranky ten month old (who, might I add was so cranky she made herself throw up) I had written off any hope of a work out today.  She fought sleep all morning and was having one of those days wherein she needed to be held. 

I felt a pang of disappointment at the thought of not getting to exercise but at the same time, was more than happy to cuddle.  It’s getting close to my return to work and I’ll take any tender moment I can get right now.

So instead, my son and I melted some dark chocolate and began dipping strawberries for tonight’s dessert. As I placed them into the fridge to cool, it finally happened. My daughter rubbed her eyes in her play pen and lay down. I seized that moment and headed to her room. She has been asleep for just about two hours now.

One millisecond into her nap I was downstairs, in my workout gear moving toys anywhere I could to get my groove on. I feel awesome. I can barely type mind you after five billion push ups but, it feels so good when the workout is over and I accomplished a daily goal.  It was a battle of my will today during the push ups in all honesty – my multiple personalities were fighting over doing more or laying face down on the carpet. I didn’t let myself off the hook, I pushed until failure in each set. I am so happy I did….


Now, I must drag my butt into the shower and get a move on…um scratch that.  Apparently I am going to the school in this disheveled state as my little one now stirs in her crib. Yeesh….

Must boogie! 

Wishing you a wonderful afternoon,


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