Where to work out…???

The time has come. With work in the near future and my goals so close to being brought to reality I have to figure out…where am I going to work out? I can’t pull off the lengthy P90x programs during my work week and two weekend workouts isn’t going to cut it. Momma needs a plan, and somewhere to go.

I’m looking at the gyms where the big boys go.  They could care less about who else is there, they are looking at their form/execution and really don’t care what anyone else is doing unless of course they are on the equipment they want.  I love that. I also find it really amusing to watch them watching themselves ha ha ha.  Men say women are vain!!!

These gyms also usually have great equipment. I don’t care what the facility looks like, I’m completely looking at what lies within it. Iso machines, free weights, cardio equipment….and hopefully a somewhat sanitary shower for the days I can’t run home post workout (thank goodness for platform flip flops in the shower ha ha ha).

I remember the first time I walked into this style of gym. It was a total hole. Dirty, leaking ceiling and big muscle men in tiny shirts.  I was so intimidated and thought maybe I’d made a mistake joining that gym (it was 24 hours and I used to start work really early, and it was cheap ha ha ha).  It ended up being the best thing I could have done for myself. The equipment allowed me to train with an intensity I couldn’t at prior facilities.  This was different. It was intense. It was awesome.

Which led to my next question – what do I want now? What am I looking to mold myself into? I am not looking to be as regimented as I once was. I’ve always had this goal to compete at age 40 but am torn over it. I have always wanted to earn a top ten finish in a large competition, that goal will remain un-achieved. I have daughter’s and this style of competition is an extreme sport. It requires a dietary regiment I don’t want to encourage in my children’s lives. Not because it’s not clean eating, but because of the discipline surrounding it. It does not promote the balance I encourage in our family life. I also don’t want my daughter’s believing anything less than 20% body fat is healthy, it isn’t. It’s short-term for the stage but it isn’t healthy.  If I were to say it’ s not healthy and shred myself to 8-10% body fat I’m showing them a different truth. I can’t be a hypocrite, so my competing days are over ( I can hear my hubby celebrating already as he is not a fan of the stage look and the incredibly shrunken boobies although I know he would have been front row cheering me on).   I know there are many mothers out there who do compete and may feel differently than I do, but I am not looking to be  Pro status or land any magazine work. I am just seeking a level of fitness within/for myself and to hit certain targets/goals.

So what then? I want to be lean, solid and strong…I want to be the kind of mom that shows her kids they can do anything, regardless of age, if they work for it – hard.   I want to look in the mirror daily and know I have really embraced my life, worked to be my healthiest self and that I am celebrating all that I have been given in every  moment of every day. If I  do that, I know what results will follow.  You can’t cheat this kind of effort, if you do, it shows, in your physical self.  I know bread isn’t good for me, or dairy etc etc…and if I restrain myself from inhaling the entire brick of cheese (weakness of mine!!),  my abs will thank me by revealing themselves. I know I’ve said it before, and it’s what I love most about fitness, you get out of it exactly what you put in. You can’t cheat the results.

And you?  They say if you can visualize it, you can achieve it….  When you think of your workouts and what you want to achieve, how do you see yourself?

I see no more loosey goosey baby belly, and smaller boobs…..   🙂

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  1. When I think I my workouts, I always think I want to be healthier and fit. I know that great feeling after a good workout will follow and focus on that. I also want to be a role model for my daughter so she see the value in physical activity (working out).

  1. Where to work out…??? | Mr.FuzzyBear

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