Bosu ball bargoooon.

Being on pogey (aka unemployment insurance) means living on a tight budget. I’ve been hunting on Ebay for a few months now for various pieces of fitness equipment and this week was one of my awesome weeks wherein my patience paid off!

I submit low bids and usually lose.  I’m OK with that as I like the win whenever it may come.  There’s something magical about announcing you finally won and that your bid was incredibly low. Thus the post ha ha, I won the bosu ball FINALLY.

At first,  sure,  my hubby mocked my online shopping habits.  I’ve been talking about various bids for month. When a package arrived it was a “now what’ kind of moment. Totally justified, I accept. I’ve become addicted to getting things as cheap as possible from wherever it may be on line.

As he stood there shaking on the platform trying desperately to balance himself and save his ego I felt a pang of satisfaction. This bosu ball was worth every penny and my hubby will be toning his core while trying to out do me. This works. This is a win win for Momma ha ha ha.

He’s exercising more than twice a week now ( the swimming is working!).  Now with tools like the bosu in the house, he’s going to be exercising just trying to one up me.

I love it.

Too fun.

What is the best buy you’ve had on equipment thus far?  Where / how did you find it??

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  1. How much did you pay in the end?

  2. $28 + $6 shipping. So worth it! 🙂


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