60 Day Results…….

What a crazy month it’s been. After my episode with the flu I managed to get back on track and am seeing some positive results. I was hoping for more, but that is what the back thirty will be for. This month is all about the belly….the baby belly.

It’s time to blast it and end our six year relationship.  

So, how did I do? Not too shabby! The boobies are shrinking!!! So to me, that’s win win. The downside, the belly is hanging on clearly aware that I am attempting to blast it.  Like all other parts of me it instantly is defying this demand purely out of spite and attempting to remain.  I will win, clearly I’m going to have to step it up a notch. Honestly, even with my fitness past, I’ve never worked as hard as I am now.  I cannot believe how difficult it is to deal with my mid-region. I am intensifying my approach.  I have to step up things in the kitchen…

The 60 day measurements:

@ bellybutton: 32″ Down .5 from last month and 2″ in total thus far

le boobies: 35.5″ – down 1.5″ from last month and 2.5 in total thus far

back: 30″ – down 1″ from last month and 2″ in total

thigh: 20″ – unchanged

hips: 34″ down 1″ from last month and 2″ in total

bicep: 11″ unchanged

I will post the pics later on today or tomorrow morning 🙂   I’m happy things are in motion, but intend to see huge differences by the end of this month.  My biggest stressors have been addressed and it’s time for Momma to make waves.  

One month from now I will be back in my office.  I’ve got a killer Marciano suit I intend to wear on day one. Shallow…yes!  As shallow as it may be, it’s keeping me moving.  The blouse is somewhat unforgiving, Momma needs to bring her A-game self to this ensemble, and so it shall be done. 


I am at that point in my career wherein the maternity leaves are over. It’s time to focus on what I intend to do with the direction I am heading and put things in motion.  Part of where I want to be involves a totally different wardrobe.  As a facilitator it’s necessary to present well. It’s time for power suits.  I can’t wait to cross my fitness goal line and reward myself with new suits for work.  

So close now, I can visualize the shopping spree….

How do you reward yourself for achieved goals? 

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  1. Good for you!!!
    I like to reward myself by buying something that I need (for me new runners is on the list and new clothing for work). I posted this “workout jar” recently :http://pipersrun.com/2012/02/10/work-out-jar/ …. each time I work out I put money into a jar each time I workout and then after a few months I am going to buy myself something nice.


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