Enter Nanny…act 1 scene 1

I am having an out-of-body like experience at the moment…….completely unnatural and surreal….

My kids are sitting downstairs with our new Nanny and I am up here at my computer.

I feel like I am not doing my job or something right now…I’ve never been “off duty” before.

What I usually look like!

I am experiencing a few emotions I hadn’t thought of in advance. I expected to be emotional about my return to work and spending less time with the kids. I didn’t expect feeling so awkward in my own home.  I don’t really like being hands off. I really enjoy playing with the kids and spending time with them. I feel like I am out of place somehow as I need to give the kids time to bond with her before I am back at work. She needs to make her own mark and grow in her role.

It feels very weird.  One day this will all be normal, I’m just not there yet.

On a fitness note:

I still cannot believe I am in the final 30 days of this 90 day mission. Will this be the end? Not a chance, this is just the beginning.

The foundation of my future if you will.

The intent was to change the way I feel about myself.  I feel powerful again, in control.  I feel like I’ve been lost within myself and am reconnecting with me.  I feel like I am on the brink of something substantial within myself and I just have to work to discover what that may be…..

The future is looking very positive, I thank you for being along on this ride 🙂

How are your fitness missions going?

wishing you a wonderful day,


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