Jillian Michaels Yoga…

As my mission continues I am looking for more variety in my style of workouts. I thought I would try Jillian’s Yoga as I seem to be getting into Yoga these days (who knew!?!). It is thirty minutes in length, which is perfect in my busy life.

Once upon a time Yoga really bored me. Not going to lie. In 2003 I attended the Guinness Book attempt at the largest outdoor Yoga session hosted by Woody Harrelson in Toronto with a few girlfriends. It was my first time practicing Yoga.  I did the entire workout in the park surrounded by the large group of participants , drums being played live with a chanter. It was a beautiful day and the group was really enthusiastic about everything. I went with an open mind and tried to embrace it as they were.  My favorite part? The dube we smoked with Woody afterwards.  Clearly I wasn’t a Yogi in the making at that time.

via Google - an image from the outdoor yoga session

Fast forward to today where I am a Mom, am substantially busier, stressed,  and looking for tranquility and I find I’m into it! There is something quite magical about how it connects you to yourself, how it leaves you feeling afterwards. I am really, really enjoying it.

SO – to Jillian and her 30 minute workout. I’m not sure I liked it.  It didn’t feel peaceful. It was a good workout, but not what I seek out in Yoga.  Maybe it was the music or something?!?!?

I’m thinking my next experiment is going to be Hot Yoga. The bonus to our newest addition (Nanny) is that I can actually leave the house solo. SO I’ve decided, tomorrow’s workout mission: Hot Yoga.  I hear it does wonders for loose skin. This is good, I have an abundance in the belly and shrinking boobies.  Anything non-surgical that can fix it is welcome!

Have you tried hot yoga? What did you think of it?

As for the rest of my mission, I have my A-game on.  This is where you really have to be organized in your daily life to succeed, and I finally am.  I am systematically making my meals for the week in advance (for myself and the kids with the exception of dinner’s veggies, we like to make salads and our veggie snacks/sides in that moment).  It’s really all about mass production and multi-tasking. You can do this if you are willing to co-ordinate your efforts.  This is an example…

Sweet potatoes in the oven, steamed veggies, red quinoa.. Once completed they will all be stored in portions or added to other dishes I began cooking a little earlier that were waiting for final ingredients to complete.

Great abs or lean bodies aren’t created in the gym. They are created in your kitchen.  You will not success regardless of how many push ups or how long you spent on a treadmill if you aren’t willing to change the way you eat.  Just remember in those moments where it feels overwhelming to prepare foods and such that 1) you are worth it and 2) you have the time, you just have to utilize it.  You won’t regret your results and the way you feel in your own skin.  There is something to be said about healthy living, it changes the way your entire life is lived…for the better.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday (it’s going to be 13 degrees Celsius today – I’m going outside to play!!!!!!!!! If you live in places that experience chilly winters, you know that this “hot” day is totally worth celebrating. Cease the moment!). Wahoooo!



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