Reality sets in….

I had no idea post partum weight loss would be this brutal… I am having one of those days wherein I am feeling very discouraged.

The effort is there.  I know there is, as they say, room for improvement but I’m pretty impressed with myself and my committment thus far. My one calorically devastating evening vice: wine.

 I think I know where I made one key mistake in terms of my plan in SMART – “R” – realistic. The time frame I selected isn’t realistic for my life.  The program I selected (P90x), isn’t realistic for the time availability I have daily.

So I need to give myself a little more time. I’ve decided to continue the 30 day platforms. I like the photographic evidence of my transformation.  I am looking forward to seeing muscles again.  I love being able to do push ups again and look forward to being able to complete unassisted pull-ups again (still not there – pretty much just hang from the bar still BUT it WILL happen).

I have just over a week until my return to work.  I am soaking up every moment with my kids while I can. I am working out when able.  As intensely as I can using weights, my bench, my bosu and my ball.  Simple equipment, intense training.  I am thinking in my workouts again. This is something I enjoy not doing while following a DVD, however, I am enjoying mapping out my workout again.

For all the Mom and Dad’s out there currently enjoying March break, I hope it is as sunny in your yard as it is in ours.

 It makes this time together that much more enjoyable.



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  1. It is hard to lose weight after the baby. I found that I shed most of the weight but my body was still a different shape. It wasn’t until I returned to work and got in a good daily routine that I could focus more on my work outs and making them intense and challenging was the key for me.
    Keep it up, you will get there.

  2. Thanks!! I am noticing the shape change also, time to try on a different style of jeans 🙂 One week of mat leave remaining and then a scheduled life begins. I am actually looking forward to it just as much as I am dreading it. I too think the big results will come once a routine is in place. Thx for your support 🙂 I appreciate you!

  3. MJ

     /  March 16, 2012

    You hit the nail on the head…reality about the time needed to reach your goal. I started working out in January full on and thought I would be down 15lbs by mid March. How off my target could I be???? I’m down 5lbs (which I probably gained back this week but that’s another story…). Wine is my biggest enemy too in terms of weight loss, although given it’s strategic role in keeping my sanity, I can cope with the extra time it will take me to shed this unwanted weight. Long May weekend is my new target date! I’ve never had to deal with back fat until having babies….yuck! don’t like it….

    Keep up the great work Nik!!

    • Thx MJ! How goes your progress? I will never sacrifice my wine ever in the interest of sanity and staying married ha ha ha!!! Look forward to hearing how things are going with you 🙂


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