Workin’ it on a Monday morning…

This is it, my final Monday of maternity leave. SOB MOAN WAIL. I can’t believe next week at this time I will be sitting in what will be the first day of a five-day conference marking the return to work.

I want to cry just saying it.

It’s not that I am not looking forward to working. I am full of ideas, motivation, drive…I have much to accomplish in this upcoming year.

I am going to really miss this time with my kids.   Seeing how fast they grow and who they are becoming, I want to be a larger part of it.  I’m going to be cashing in a lot of vacation days, personal days etc. to be with them when possible.  Before I know it, I won’t be cool anymore in their world and the last thing they would like to do on a day off is hang with me.  So for now, I must seize such opportunities and milk it for everything it’s worth.

On the flip side, I AM SO EXCITED to be going away for a week. Sure, sure, I will probably cry the entire car ride up and then panic about my swollen face as I enter into the conference but a week away…oh my. So awesome. I’ve missed some of my colleagues and look forward to a few glasses of wine in the evening and catching up.

Super bonus: The gym looks amazing.  I am beyond excited to be able to wake up, just take care of myself and go straight to the gym.  To top off that already luxurious moment of a morning workout…I can shower in daylight. In fact I can shower right after my morning work out. AWESOME.  These are the things I miss. Those moments. Those care-free-only-take-care-of-me moments.  I would not trade mommy-dom for anything, but if I could add one thing in – ok two – these would be it. A wake and go straight to the gym workout followed by a shower….. for next week anyway it’s on!!!

Between now and then, I have soooo much to do.

So to start my day (after nagging children to get ready for school after a week off, feeding them, nagging them to eat faster, making lunches that I should have made last night but wanted to start wine early AND tending to the baby ), I worked out.  Hard. Free weights, and my ball. That’s it. I can barely move my upper body at the moment.

It’s going to be 20 degrees celsius today IN MARCH and it has inspired me to do something about the muffin top before shorts and tank tops come back into play.

I feel pumped.

I’ve also decided to silence that voice in my head that allows me to be hard on myself or such when things don’t go as planned. I am working as hard as I can when I can. That is enough. That will lead me to success.

I found this on google and have it as my current wallpaper….

I can do this, and I will. One push up, one day at a time 🙂

Much love and thanks for your continued support,

Nikki 🙂

Is it as amazing weather wise where you are right now? Are your gardens coming alive?  My veggies are growing already…..

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