Non-workout awesomeness…

The clock is ticking and life as a corporate mom ( all mom’s are working mom’s!) draws near.  I decided that instead of working out and/or running around and getting all the errands I really do need to complete before 6pm tomorrow, that I would slack, accomplish nothing and just pamper myself instead.

It was awesome.

I’m somewhat feeling tense as I now have a crap load to do tomorrow BUT today – awesome.

As a result of this weeks pampering, I now no longer resemble some sort of wild animal (with crazy hair and fuzzy legs) and instead resemble a groomed women.  I didn’t realize how far I had let my self image go…. sCaRy. It doesn’t take very long to turn into these wild beasts…especially when not paying attention.

Pedicures, hair cuts, caramel highlights, eye brow waxing, facials – I’m “a lady” again! It’s probably been a year I think ha ha ha, except a few weddings and outings in between where in I pulled myself together in the final hour.


Presentable again!

Next step: clothing shopping this weekend. The hubby and I are headed south of the border for a mass shopping spree. The family needs clothes and we are all getting some. The kids aren’t coming (YAY! Did I say that too loudly???).  Mom and Dad are getting away solo. I can’t wait.

For the first time ever we used Hotwire. We successfully scored a great deal on the ugliest hotel I have ever seen (be it on line images, however, it is seriously unattractive). Electric blue bedrooms with bubbles on the wall await us. Who cares! The wine will blind me. It doesn’t matter how much we have, there are no kiddies to tend to in the morning hee hee…..

I am really looking forward to seeing what size I am and how clothes fit me.

So for now, with my awesome toes and fresh hair, I must cook dinner.  It doesn’t matter how awesome you look standing in the kitchen, the kiddos only care about what is for dinner and how soon will it be ready.

I hope that the weather is as spectacular where you are as it is here. It’s 23 degrees Celsius in March. How incredible is that!! It should be 5 or 6 degrees. It really lifts the spirits when spring finds a way into your life again.  It was a great winter, that said, I feel the energy of spring returning.

Off to the kitchen I must go. One of the kiddos has discovered that Mom isn’t paying attention. The gig is up as they say, back to work I must go.

Wishing you a wonderful day,


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