A little piece of heaven….

I feel like a million bucks today.  Why? I was able to work out before my day began.

It felt……incredible.

All day today I have felt so alive, so connected to myself.  So confident and satisfied.  All of this simply because I was able to wake up and give myself some TLC in the form of a fantastic work out.

I’ve missed that. I LOVE weight training and to be able to go to the gym to start my day is such a gift.  I feel so very, very fortunate.

After my workout I returned to my room to clean myself up and put my professional self together and noticed a text from my hubby. He had a rough night with our monkeys and didn’t get much sleep.  As much as I felt for him doing all of this solo it made me that much more aware of how sacred this experience this week is.  I am able to focus on me, love me, improve upon me and in turn return to my family that much more whole.

Exercise isn’t just about movement, about weight loss or gain or muscles, it’s about a connection to the self. An awareness of self. It’s about self love.

I hope you too have loved yourself enough to move today, you’re worth it.

Mad luv,


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