The juggling act that is life as a Mom….

Seriously, how did I do this before? If my memory serves me correctly (and the chances of that are pretty low with recent increases in wine consumption), I recall balancing motherhood, work, my hubby, the kids with a little more grace than I have as of late. 

I had this “brilliant” game plan that involved my working out before the kids wake up. It seems, however, they detect I am up to something that MAY POSSIBLY be exciting to them and so they are waking up earlier and earlier.  So early in fact that today we were almost half way through the Princess and the Frog movie before our nanny arrived at 8am.  We’d eaten, dressed, packed our lunches, played and honestly I was so exhausted I did the ol’ “hey kiddos let’s watch a movie” and threw a cookie in there to boot.  Anything to keep them from doing anything anywhere other than beside me lying on the couch. I’m clearly going to be a huge contributer to the workplace today…..

So – where am I at goal wise? Moving along 🙂   The workouts are not as frequent as I’d like but the eating is bang on. I am still losing inches of blub, which is making this Momma happy. I will be listing my overdue measurements and photo’s this weekend.

After our shopping get-a-way my motivation has increased.  I’m down another pant size and am just at the cusp of being able to wear size “small” shirts again. If it weren’t for the boobs they’d fit. Although I recognize that many wear shirts that are waaaay too tight on their chests, I’m not into it.  I like people looking at my face vs talking to my chest. 

I have yet, however, to attempt trying on a bathing suit. I can’t torture myself with it YET.  Some Mom’s will know what I’m talking about here when I say the texture of my skin has changed. I sound hideously shallow at this particular moment but I don’t profess to be a deep person (all the time, I have my moments).   There’s something about feeling like an orange peel that just doesn’t make me want to reveal it.  I have Mom friends that have six packs ( I try only to hang with them in winter months LOL ) and they remind me that this can be achieved.   I will get there, just have to keep working for it.

So – what’s a Momma on a mission to do? Like everything else, work it into this, my new norm.  The upside is the great weather is coming. There is a park not far from here that has a great hill.  I will be running up and down it like a mad woman at lunch.  Then my lucky co-workers will get to hang with sweaty me in the afternoon BUT I am ok with that ( note that I didn’t ask their opinion ha ha) as it will get me one step closer to the beach bod I want to sport this summer. 

I receive my schedule today for the next several months.  Upon receipt of that I will be planning what gym to attend and when.  I have a few options in the area that are exactly what I am looking for – crap holes with awesome equipment and smaller crowds.  The one I want to go to most is the farthest away and so if I am really tight for time due to my facilitation schedule then it’s out. BUT if I am training west coast students….they start later in my day… win win for me!!! 11 am the verdict will be in. By 4pm today I will be registered somewhere ready to rock for next week.

So excited!

Stay tuned, the measurements and photo’s will be posted tomorrow.   I’ll have my modified game plan laid out as well.


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