Sucking at Blogging apparently!

Ok so I start off by confessing I suck.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to say / write, I just haven’t dedicated the time.  I’ve been using this time instead to work out and to play with my kids (hubby included in the kid cluster ha ha). 

There were several moments this past weekend where in I contemplated hopping online and updating, but I didn’t want to sacrifice play time with my monkeys to do it.  Now that I am back at work I really miss them and want to use our time as our time. No computers, no cell phones…just family time.  It was worth it!

That said, I have so much to update you on!!

I joined a gym. I LOVE IT. I LOVE working out at the gym again. I applaud those that do the do in their homes. I tried for months and although I am pleased with my progress I KNOW this is what I need to succeed. It’s what motivates me, what excites me.  Walking into the gym gets me pumped.  The equipment, the energy – pure awesomeness.

I joined what I coin ” a big boy” gym.  The crowds are small, the equipment is amazing.  There is this buzz in these style of gyms that I connect to.  To say I am motivated is an understatement. I am on a mission.

I’ve also made a decision, an important decision on how I am tracking my progress and what goals I set.

It’s time to ditch the measurements.  It makes me too focused on numbers vs enjoying the activity. I know, i KNOW that this leads to results. I don’t need to say I lost “x” amount of inches or such to feel as though I have succeeded. I know what I want to feel like and how that is on my own body.  The tightness, the firmness, the strength. 

via google

 No more measuring tapes, no more stepping on scales.  These things really don’t matter,  the wellness aspect of our lives absolutely does. I don’t count calories, I don’t record sets or what weight was used ( it fluctuates too much depending on sleep/cycle etc. and I want to be motivated – not demotivated when I drop the amount of weight). It’s time to just give it all I have in every moment I have.  My workouts are planned,  my intention is clear.  So long as I push myself (TRULY push myself)  in every set / lift / push / pull….I’ve succeeded.I will still post photo’s along my journey.  They motivate me. I like seeing definition in muscles and how my body can be sculpted.  I  get excited carving myself and morphing myself into what I want to be, how I want to be. 


On route to the chiseled me

  My game plan is morning workouts. As soon as our children’s caretaker arrives I’m outta there and in the gym. I have 45 minutes to do the do and work my way into the shower and office.  No problem. It’s not how long you have in the gym, it’s how effective you are with that time. I can exhaust myself completely in 30 minutes. And so it shall be, one work out at a time. I do have pics to post and will do so this week ( it’s on tomorrow’s to-do during lunch hour).   I will likely be reducing the volume of my blogs to one to two max per week.  If I want to hit my target, I need to focus  my time and energy where it empowers me most. I love blogging, I love connecting with people and reading their stories, I’m not going away…this is also a huge part of pathway to success.  Bragging rights are earned and my hubby just isn’t into my muscles like I am ha ha.  He is totally ok with junga jugs and what not…go figure, eh? Thank you for sharing  a little piece of your day with me. Reading your emails and hearing from you is amazing. Be well,  be active and most importantly – have fun!Cheers,Nicole

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  1. MIchelle

     /  April 12, 2012

    Hi NIcole! Would love to hear what your workout routine is. I usually devote an hour to the gym when I go…am seeing results, but the fat is not coming off like it should. I think that’s mostly because of my diet. I can see the muscles coming back to life, but they’re all still covered by too much fat! (especially butt, hips and tummy!) Good to see your blog today.


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