And the results are in…….

And I’m not really liking them!


Nothing changed – measurements are the same, weight has increased 2 lbs and apparently with my recent fitness test I have more body fat than my prehistoric system I use at home revealed. The electro body analysis tools the gym used revealed 29% body fat.

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The upside – my lean muscle mass is increasing.


The goals:

15lbs of fat to lose (now using the electro tools to ensure accuracy)

2 lbs of lean mass to put on.

I can totally do this.

Target date: 90 days with an average expected weight loss of just over a pound per week.

Can do, will do, doing.

The end desired result:

  •      to be able to lift myself unassisted in pull ups
  •      to be able to push 300lbs in leg press
  •      to be 20% body fat
  •      to be the energetic Mom I want to be
  •      feel alive in my own skin (ok so I’m already feeling that but I still like it as my “want”
I’ve also added a photo to my journal 🙂  Forgive the cell phone bathroom shot. I’m working with the time I have and the tools available as I’ve somehow misplaced my camera in the house….
So how will I achieve this?
30 minute workouts with 10 minute warm ups/stretching 10 min on conclusion of workout. I do NOT do cardio before weights as my intention is to lose fat and add muscle.
I also eliminate rest.
So as an example, in between each set of weights I may do push ups or squats. I may also double up on movements to maximize on expenditure and gain. Example on that would be a squat with a shoulder press combo.
The old saying “Train hard or go home” totally applies here.  This Momma has to use her time as effectively as possible so she can move onto her next task with ease (aka work!).
It would be easy for me to say I don’t have time, but I want this. I’ve made the time. I’ve eliminated my lunch break at work so I can take that hour at the onset of my day and work myself. I’m ok with working through my lunch, eating at my desk while performing my tasks. I see no sacrifice here, just gains. I have allocated 3 days per week to my training MINIMUM and so there still leaves 2 days per week to have a social lunch or such.
SO – I’ve modified my “results” date, added my photo and managed to work out this morning. I know this is ending somewhat abruptly but I have a family commitment I must attend to in a half hour. I’m a sweaty mess from my workout…..
Have you completed your workout today? What’s on your agenda?
Be well, be active and be happy!
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  1. Hang in there–metamorphosing doesn’t happen overnight. As a 40+ person, the metabolism slows and hormones do something whacky. Keep at it, make it part of your life, not just a mission. Speaking of which…I need to get back to the gym…pronto. 🙂

  2. Michelle

     /  April 13, 2012

    Awesome results already! Geez, there’s nothing like a few numbers to deflate a real high though! LOL Don’t pay any attention to them, you look fantastic! (easier said than done, I know)

  3. Beloved Dreamer

     /  April 17, 2012

    Moms really seem to have to work extra hard to get results! I feel ya! But at the same time I’m so encouraged by your persistence and determination. At the moment I’m deciding on whether I should walk over to the gym or just finish some work. I know what the right answer is but it’s oh-so-tempting to just stay in this comfortable room. Keep on keeping on! Excited to see the end results!

    • Thank you! I can honestly say I am sitting here have a debate (heated) with myself as to whether or not I should get in bed or get my cardio in….you just motivated me to move 🙂 How went your workout?

      • Beloved Dreamer

         /  April 18, 2012

        90% of the battle is actually getting my lazy bum to the gym. So i dragged a very reluctant me to they gym and completed my circuit training! Felt in control again. Haha. Was going to go today, but I’ll give my muscles a rest and go again tomorrow! How was yours? 🙂

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