Fire breathing frothy dragon face………

That pretty much describes me today! Thus my opting to work from home and save mankind from my ridiculousness. Anyone so much as breathes the wrong way and I’m snorting all over them today.  I know it’s insane, but exhaustion + PMS = fire breathing frothy dragon face Mom.  


"What did you just say?" SNORT

Thanks to my son, there was no sleep to be had in this household last night. I’m a scary woman today as a result of it. Why? Not because I am tired or frustrated (and I am, I really really am), but because I had laid out a workout that requires a little Oooomph today and I’ve got none.  It’s deflating… I walk down the stairs sulking feeling my belly jiggle I just want to swear, breathe fire, run and cry and then eat. Pretty much in that order….

Instead I’m going to drag ( literally) my butt outside for a walk to get moving and clear my insane head.  I’ll just hike my elasticized waist pants up a little higher to keep the belly from jiggling and play really loud music. That should help ha ha, or at least eliminate that “you aren’t doing your planned workout” feeling.  

I noticed my intense craziness last cycle as well. It’s only my second cycle postpartum and it’s totally different then it was pre-this-baby.  I bloat like I’m in my third trimester and I am totally insane. Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before even when I was insane on birth control pills years ago (they turned me into a crazy person as well – it was better to breed then stay that way!).   I will have to find a way to channel this insanity before people run away from me.  I can’t pull off working from home every month! 

Alright, it’s time to stop venting and get off my butt (which at least is firmer these days – +1 for positive thinking vs my usual crap all over myself for not getting it done mode) and get walking.  I may not be able to pull off the leg day I had designed but I can at least get in a little cardio. 

I will feel better afterwards, and hopefully less pissy. 

What do you do on your frothy-not-so-nice-days to save mankind?



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