The fire is out….

I’m pretty sure the members of my household are grateful it’s a new day! Ha ha ha.

I still managed to drag my frothy self out for a great cardio workout. The leg workout was moved to today and was AWESOME.

I just have to push myself to go beyond what I think I am capable of and remind myself that I hold the key to my success.  I can do this, regardless of what obstacles arise. 

I’m not in this for the short term results, this is a lifestyle change and it is going to take time to become my new norm. 



Happy Training!

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  1. MJ

     /  April 18, 2012

    What a difference a day makes! Nik, I have been there so many times! Sometimes I have that fire-breathing-dragon side in me more than I ever thought possible! My workouts have been good…I’ve beefed up the cardio to 45min post weights, and one hour on off days…unless I go for a run, which I keep to about 7km which takes just under 45min to do. I also bought the just-released-today special edition of Oxygen magazine….”4 weeks to a beach body!!” I just needed some propaganda (and pictures of super-fit women) to help motivate me. Looks pretty good though…lots of recipes and advice I already know, but need the refresher.


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