The chaos that is me, at present…

Where do I begin in terms of summarizing this past week.

Workouts- My goal is 3-5 workouts per week. I pulled off 2 last week.  Better than nothing but still not as targeted.  It was a frustrating week.

Postpartum cycle number two was beyond hideous. I felt like an awkward teenager most of the week.  For some reason my cycle generated mass amounts of gurgling sounds which are not easily masked in the workplace. People asking if I was hungry etc. all the while it’s just mother nature talking to me via my period.  I destroyed a pair of pants and salvaged two others after the most maximum amount of coverage “Always” could provide me failed to stop the leakage (in the workplace no less!). Apparently my wings weren’t working for me! I don’t even usually use those ones, I’m anti chemicals. But desperate times call for absorbent products! Thankfully, it’s almost over. I’m now open and willing to accept menopause if this is the way my cycle intends to continue. Chin hairs are better than leaking and gurgling every month!  I’m 37 for crying out loud!! Isn’t this supposed to diminish vs cause embarrassment in public? I’d apologize to my male readers if my bitchiness wasn’t so high right now.  I’m stressed, allow me to continue….


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Now that the grossness that was my monthly has almost concluded I’m itching to get back in the gym. Current challenge: scheduling.

My plan was to get into the gym this week three times. That hasn’t worked out.

Sometimes you are sidetracked by what’s happening on the home front. This is one of those times.  It’s crazy how things can change in an instant and suddenly all you can do is figure out how you are going to get through what it is that’s unfolding.

So either I become a raging alcoholic, or I get my butt back in the gym. I’m going tomorrow morning come hell or high water. I’m nearing complete overload and I need to get in some me time even if only for an hour.

I need to get my stress out and I do that in my workouts. Tomorrow morning is leg day. There’s nothing like leg press and squats to eliminate stress. I am really, really, REALLY looking forward to it.

I was so in need of a physical release today that while on breaks while producing a training session ( I am in virtual training land) I was doing push ups, plank, burpies and crunches on my ball. That’s the upside of virtual anything – you have no idea what’s really happening behind the scenes on the other end ha ha.  It made me feel better and kept me feeling very positive in my day regardless of the chaos that it currently is.

What do you do in your time of stress to release it?

Have you ever worked out at your desk?

Be well,


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