Le Pumped!

There is just something so magical about how incredible you feel post awesome workout.

I had 35 minutes to myself this morning and I utilized every moment of it to the max.  I feel like a million bucks right now!

My intent was twofold. One; to workout – legs to be specific. Two: to get a grip.

We learned recently that my husband has skin cancer.  He is at the beginning of this journey.  I am a total realist and am thankful it’s not worse, however, his father passed from cancer which began the same as my hubby’s now is and my uncle just past a few months ago after his struggle. You can’t help but to go off the emotional deep end whenever the Big C is discussed and/or applied to you or a loved one!

That said, post work out I’ve got a good feeling about everything.  As Mr. Bob Marley sings – every little thing is going to be alright!

So what was today’s workout? How can you pull it off in thirty minutes? ( warm up was five minutes on treadmill). GO HARD.

All variations had three sets in each – 12 – 15 reps for sets 1 and 3, 8-10 reps for set two which is my heaviest weight for that exercise

Leg press: Three variations – all are about differentiated by the positioning of your feet – targets different areas.  Hit a personal best thus far today – pressed 180 lbs! Aiming for 300 lbs.

Hack Squat: Three variations – again toe point changes targeted area. New personal best today – was able to pump out 8 reps with 45 lbs/side. SO AWESOME.

Hamstring Curl: until failure – as heavy as I can – heaviest today was 80 lbs.

Last but NOT least, deadlifts with 25 lbs / side on long bar.

This routine was followed up by my Vega shake.

There is nothing like a morning workout to get you fired up for your day 🙂

It’s time to throw myself in the shower and take the hubby to see the next Dr to begin treatment.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening in life if you have a positive outlook!

What is your favorite workout? How do you maximize on your time?

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Be well,


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  1. Sick post. Stay with the routine and mentality and you will continue to feel freakin amazing.


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