Am I as old as my Mom was?

Sometimes it amazes me how in an instant you become very aware of a thought you had once upon a time ago as a kid about how old you thought your mother was when she was this age.

A few of those surreal moments surfaced this past weekend.

I was crazy excited to cut out our new vegetable gardens. How old do I sound right now? Five, maybe six hundred years old? And yet at the same time, I was seriously excited. I remember my mom being like this when I was a kid and my eyes would roll so far back into my head the daylight disappeared.   

Fast forward a few years (cough, decades ) and here I am. Doing old people things and loving it.

This summer’s mission, to grow as much of the food as we eat as possible.

I cannot wait to see people’s faces when they walk into our backyard in Mississauga.  There will be corn immediately inside the gate. 


The sod has been removed, soil to be added today along with seeds and voila. We call it a corn patch.


The Tomatoes have been moved out of the Italiano (hubby is Italian) garden and into their own area. The bambo sticks mark the Roma Tomatoes. The others to be added today, as well as, a few root veggies.



The Italiano Garden. It will have a new section added within it as we are going to run squash and cucumbers up a wall and to a pergola style roof and maximize on space. We will also see how zucchini adapt to this. The strawberries have started, as have a few spices. Over the next few days the seedlings will be moved into their new areas (beets, leeks, lettuce, carrots, squash, cucumbers, muncher cuc’s, more spices, swiss chard, broccoli…)


It’s such a great feeling after it’s all done.  Lifting stones and sod, cutting out bushes and removing cedars and placing them elsewhere – it’s huge work! I felt like I’d had amazing workouts all weekend. I earned every large glass of wine this weekend in landscaping labour.  I feel awesome, my mind is clear and I feel very energized about everything.  

I know now what my “old” mom had figured out,  there is an enormous connection you feel within yourself and to this earth when you garden.  

Once upon a time the only thing I would have placed this much effort into was growing my marijuana.  

See what happens when you mature? You switch to food and wish you could still grow Ms. Mary Jane if only you wouldn’t be arrested. This is what happens, you get “old”.  

And so mid-day Mother’s Day I called my way-older-now Mom and cracked a few jokes about what I am sharing here.  Like old people do she noted she’ll be by later this week with Cake and Coffee so we can sit in the garden.

Awesome. I can’t wait…..

Be well,




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