Rest on the weekend you say? Nay I say, NAY!

Once upon a time long weekends meant doing luxurious things like sleeping, crazy amounts of binge drinking and socializing like no-one’s business.

Fast forward a decade and now, it’s all about building decks in three days.

Did we succeed? No – but damn’t we tried, and tried, and tried. I’ve got the farmer’s tans to support this labor filled effort.

Where does one begin?  The equipment we rented to reduce the workload didn’t work. After mass amounts of swearing we reluctantly resorted to old school tools. What can you do? Either give up, or keep trying. I don’t quit. In this way, my hubby and I are the same. Once our mind is made up, it will be done.  We had baby sitters lined up and there was no way we were wasting the opportunity.

As the unskilled assistant, I got the shyte job. The gas-powered auger wasn’t co-operating and so I was the post digger. My shoulders still feel seriously jacked.  WHAT A WORKOUT!   I dug out eleven post holes, then re-dug them as the f’ers weren’t big enough.

We were only able to land baby sitters for the first morning and so by noon I was back on Momma duty.  Our helpers had long weekend plans and as the forecast was so unbelievably beautiful, we couldn’t even bribe them to stay. Can’t say I blame them, curse them sure but blame them? Nope….

As Momma on duty while the baby was awake I was with the kiddos, the second she napped I became joe-handy chick with two cheerleaders following me around. Thankfully for me my youngest opted for single naps in lengthy durations. I was able to contribute and be a part of the deck-building-team.

My husband is a custom cabinet-maker.  He deals with wood.

I am a virtual trainer, personal trainer, life coach and totally useless wood worker. I was fired as joe-handy chick.  The extent of my contributions became the lumber moving assistant and dirt mover (which was ok by me as I’ve been working on my strength and this was one of those moments that proved to me my efforts are starting to show).

I was also the bartender.  Something about hot sunny days really increases ones desire to have multitude of beer. It may take a few days to deflate from all the bloating but it was worth it.

So what did I learn this weekend?

First, my marriage can survive anything! We’ve renovated a house together, landscaped together, lost a parent, experienced still birth, are dealing with his cancer and raising three monkeys in an urban jungle and even when the power tools fail or you are one board short from finishing the second set of stairs, we can spaz out completely and still laugh at one another.  I am so blessed.

Secondly, and this is a selfish moment of self praise….

I’ve realized I am STRONG enough to do these tasks.  It felt AMAZING to recognize my own power in those moments.  I don’t believe in playing gender cards and I am raising my children with the same philosophy. Work hard, empower yourself to do as much as you can and share your talents with others.    The more skills we have as individuals the more personal power we have over situations (as we become flexible beings willing to take on tasks vs shy away from them) and more natural resources to draw upon when we have things we want to do.

As I stare out my window at my unfinished deck I am feeling enormous pride. Doing things yourself and creating the home you’ve always dreamed of for yourself is very satisfying. Even though this is NOT where we will live forever , it is where we live now. We intend to live every moment to the fullest and so we enjoy investing our time and energy into creating our ultimate retreat. We have a few more weekends of seriously intense labour and then a summer of weekend “chill outs” to enjoy.

Ze deck, partially anyway...

A railing to complete, as well as, privacy wall to construct and then – voila – complete! The BBQ area will be ready to go….

I can’t wait to start building the gazebo for the bar.  That construction begins the moment the decks are complete.  We figure by July (aiming for a Canada Day celebration of no more weekend projects!), we should be able to relax on weekends and just enjoy our time with one another.

What do you like to do in your space to create your personal oasis?

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