A sweaty mess….

I have a tendency sometimes to over complicate things. I get this notion in my head as to whatever it is I am obsessing about having to do and I forget the alternatives.

This applies to workouts in addition to my usual doing the do.

Last night as the hubby and I sat outside (LOVE this time of year and how amazing it is in the evenings outside) yapping about our day over a glass of vino I started to think about this mornings workout.

I opted for something a little different, something simple.

In lieu of my usual bolt to the gym, I opted to cut the grass, rake the yard and weed the garden.

I was a giant sweaty mess.

It’s not like I don’t push myself at the gym, I do.  There is something about completely failing out in my exercises that gives me instant gratification.  That said, I sweat more this morning than I would at the gym. Resistance training or cardio, it’s not at all like I was!

So I decided to calculate my caloric expenditure :

Raking the grass and bagging it: 175 calories took about 30 min

Weeding the front garden and side pathway 150 calories ( also moved soil )

Cutting the grass: 160 calories ( although it doesn’t say how big a yard this is based on – only hourly? So note rough estimates here as per above highlighted calculator)

Watering the gardens: 45 calories.

TOTAL caloric expenditure: 530 calories


Vigorous weight training as per above highlighted online calculator: 350 calories burnt.

No wonder I was so sweaty!!!!

It’s worth it!

There are so many different possibilities in terms of workouts, it just boils down to completing one.

Be well,


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