Getting closer…..

I realize I’ve been negligent in terms of writing in here. Trust that I want to, I’m just on a mission.

My results are starting to show, not just to me anymore but to others. That has me more pumped than ever to cross my “finish line” in terms of hitting my goal.   My fitness goal is directly linked to my business goal….and so I’ve been working like a mad momma to hit my target.  I’m so close it’s exciting…and scary! A good scary, but a life changing kinda scary.


It’s taken several months to get to this point and in this moment I am celebrating all that I’ve accomplished thus far.

It’s not just about the finish line, it’s also about the journey. I am learning so much of what I am capable of on route to my goal.  It doesn’t matter what lands on your plate, it’s how you choose to view it that determines what happens next.

I choose to celebrate my success, learn from my “failures” and push myself to be what I dream myself to be.  My end result is worth it, it leads me to the life I want to live.

What do you want for yourself? How do you push yourself to get there?

Wishing you continued successes,


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