Plyo Power!

I am sitting here at my desk wondering  how exactly I am going to stand up.  My legs are dead! A good dead, as in I killed my workout dead, but also as in I am totally incapable of movement just like I was after my very first workout. 

I’ve added in Plyometric movements in between sets to increase the intensity AND the results. It’s working, exhausting, but effective.


courtesy of Google


I added these as my time hasn’t increased, I am still stuck with approx thirty minutes max to do the do. So, this is my way of getting the most out of it.  By the end I could barely squat, never mind jump.  I walked like a toddler to my car incapable of total balance. So awesome, not so attractive, but awesome knowing that I gave myself the gift of a challenging workout. 

What do you do to keep your workouts intense and effective?

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