On the road again…..

I’m excited! Once upon a time a 4 hour train ride would have not appealed to me. I would have taken the 1 hour flight or one that flew somehow faster to minimize any time involved.   Things have definitely changed around here.

I’m Ottawa bound for work.  That 4 hour train ride equates to; peace, tranquility, ME time away from the kiddos, the house, my schedule…  It’s just moi and my facilitators guide. I actually have a rare opportunity to re-review the material and prepare myself for my delivery. Polishing. I’ve prepared myself for a good presentation, this gives me that extra time to take it up a notch and improve my game. That has me excited.

Boring, perhaps…but totally reflective of where I am at in life. 

I am at this weird place of happiness. I’m okay with moving slower vs rapid fire. I have an amazing husband, 3 distinctly different and incredible little monkeys, a sense of purpose and living my life on purpose.  

I could look at how insane my schedule is this week, or I could celebrate the different opportunities this week offers. I fly back in time to kiss my hubby & kiddos and then am off to a weekend course.  He’s Daddy on duty solo styles this week and Momma…well…all work aside she’s in a nice hotel suite (that comes with a robe and slippers hee hee) that offers a pool and a gym. See where I’m going with this? Sure, sure, I’m working. I’m also travelling without kids, baby monitors, diaper bags. It’s a grown up mission and Momma’s maximizing.

I can’t wait. 


I’m riding business class with access to the lounge. Cocktails are in order, just one – I’m working, but a cocktail none the less!!! I’ll be the extra smiley chick just like the one featured ha ha.

I love travelling for work (mostly as I don’t do it that often, I’m a suck away from my family). That said, I really really look forward to; morning workouts, big HOT breakfasts, a quiet cup of coffee. Alternatively at night I can unwind, prepare my material for the next day, WATCH TV (so rare -so awesome) and, dare I say it aloud…..SLEEP.


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