2010 and 2012….

Every now and then you get a before and after glimpse of things.

This past weekend we attended a family wedding and I wore a dress I hadn’t worn in some time. I love the dress, just haven’t really dressed up that much as of late (which tells me I should get my butt out more!).  I was so happy to see a new version of me in an old dress.

This was moi July 24th, 2010. Image

Yes, I’m very impaired ha ha and very large chested!! The dress definitely didn’t hide my girls, but there is no hiding them once they hit a certain size.

Two years later, OK one month shy of two years later, this is moi…coincidentally, my daughter was conceived the night of the above referenced pic. So two years and one baby later, this is moi….


For whatever reason, this refuses to rotate. It has more attitude than my children!

Seeing the difference re-inspired me. Especially after last week! And to those who like others joked about my wearing this dress again to a wedding and how that one played out – no – there will be no new additions to our family this time around. The baby making machine is retired and not seeking renewed employment.  It’s time for the next phase, raising them! 

Back to my renewed energy…

I had a few treats while away for work last week. For the most part I ate cleanly, I’d rather drink my calories than eat them ha ha. That and I really feel well and energized when I’m eating well.

My personal favorite not-so-clean dinner was one my colleague and I picked up at Ottawa’s ribfest.

We chose this vendor due to his mass collection of ginormous trophies and 1st place winnings around the US, as well as, as they were this years winner of the festival.



I chose this, and I inhaled it! Except the bun – not really digging bread these days. The ribs & beans – SO so so so good. It was five billion degrees celcius on this day. Nothing compliments a rib feast more than an ice cold beer (or several). Heinekin not pictured…


Yes I am that person who loves their food so much she insists on photographing it before inhaling it….


Things haven’t been as they normally would be on the home front. Between travel and weekend courses, I’ve been over scheduled. 

As of this weekend I am officially home based for work. I’m looking forward to the balance I hope this offers in my life. 

As I write I’m under attack, I’ve spent more than a few moments on the computer and the gig is up.  My monkeys have busted me. I’ve been over ruled and so it’s time for their turn – Nick Jr games here they come!

Be well,





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