A rebirth….

I saw this picture yesterday and the image has stayed with me. Not just because I; am into gardening, obsessed with growing my own organic foods / supporting organic lifestyles or because as a coach it bares such symbolism/metaphoric representation but rather just as it is so simple. It’s gorgeous.


via Organic Green Roots on Facebook

Sitting at my office desk in the midst of my boxes ( I’m officially home based at the end of this week) I found myself just kind of staring at it. I love when people find creative usefulness to things. It reminds me how different our perspectives are on anything and everything.

Once upon a time the thought of being home all day did not inspire me. I would have found it torturous I think.  Now sitting here in this chair a midst an even larger pile of boxes, I’m so excited.  I’m creating a whole other chapter in my life, one with balance.

As a Mom it feels like sometimes I am carrying this huge load. I know my hubby feels his own weight with all that is in our household and even though they are both huge, sometimes I feel over loaded. I’ve been heavily loaded nearing over loading for a while.  I see it in him as well, he is tired looking. Worn out.

My hampers look like they are barfing out clothing.  I have piles of boxes, books, files and trinkets spewed all over what it to be my office.  I am running off to my daughter’s soccer game tonight with all 3 kiddos (hubby pulling O/T to make up for his reduced hours last week while I traveled).  I’m thinking I’m picking the kids up for lunch at school tomorrow as I am honestly really not into making any lunches tonight. I just want to park my butt on a comfortable chair. Chat with my hubby about the days we’ve both had. Have a glass of vino and pass out. I’m totally OK with this going down before 10pm too…..

In fact, I’d better get on it. It’s nearing 9…..

Be well,


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