A 20lb success…meet Jennah!


Jennah “before”

** Feature blog: Sharing in the successes of our community!

Once upon a time in Whitby Ontario, this was Jennah.  Like many, Jennah had struggled with maintaining the lifestyle she longed for. Noting that motivation was lacking, Jennah opted for change. 

Her final send off to the lifestyle she was leaving behind? A pizza. The entire thing.  Jennah shared she sat in the dark eating her biggest weakness and said her goodbyes. Things were going to be very different this time. 

So what worked this time around? BEING REAL.  Instead of jumping into everything there was a methodic approach to this new lifestyle.  She shared what she was undertaking with her family and friends.  She considered what she really could manage and built her lifestyle around it.  Knowing herself and being herself were her tools to success.  It’s working.


Jennah today!

Twenty pounds lighter, here’s Jennah.    Combining a realistic nutrition plan (which includes pasta and beer), along with exercise has aligned Jennah with her ultimate goal; Health.  “Everything has changed!! I sleep better, I look healthier, my skin is better, I am more productive at work and I just feel better about myself overall.”

“I made an effort to surround myself with people who have the same goals as well. “  Jennah further supports herself by using social media sites to provide recipes, motivation, workout ideas and share in local events to stay on track.

“I have learned that I really can do it. I made an effort to put my health first but not miss out on the foods, drinks or late nights that I am used to. I just always try and make the best choices when I am out.”

So what’s next? “…making it this far has only made me wonder what else I am capable of!” Now looking to build muscle, Jennah’s journey continues.

To those just about to embark on their wellness journey she shares “..the hardest step is the first one. Once you get yourself moving, it’s like a chain reaction. I always tell myself that I only have one life to live and I want to live it feeling good about myself. Once you get into a routine and start feeling amazing, you will wonder how you ever lived your life on the couch with a pizza and ice cream. You CAN do it, you just have to find it within yourself to start!”

Her tools for success: social media, weight watchers, spin class, Bob Harper workout DVD’s, Hot Yoga, NO RUNNING – despises it, recipes from Heart and Stroke foundation website, Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean book.

Congratulations on your 20 lb success Jennah! 


If you would like to share your success story, please contact me! Be well. 

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